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06.04.12 Sybling Rivalry WINNER for Best Gore at ConCarolinas Film Festival, OH

06.04.12 Cardboard plays in San Diego, CA

05.29.12 Cardboard plays at Coldspring-Oakhurst High School, Coldspring, TX

05.25.12 Cardboard plays in Whittier, CA

05.19.12 Sybling Rivalry plays in Myrtle Beach, SC - at the Killuride Film Festival.

05.19.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into the Viscera Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA.

05.19.12 My Name Is Anna has a special Encore Screening in Ohio, at The Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center.

05.18.12 Cardboard plays at Silverland Middle School, Fernley, NV

05.15.12 Cardboard plays in Michigan the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival.

05.14.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into the ConCarolinas Film Festival, NC

05.10.12 Cardboard plays in Santa Clarita, CA

05.10.12 Cardboard plays at Mother Teresa Catholic High School, Ottawa, ON

05.10.12 Cardboard plays at Travis Middle School, Amarillo, TX

05.08.12 Cardboard plays at Spring Creek High School, Spring Creek, NV

05.04.12 Cardboard plays at Monte Vista Middle School – Tracy, CA

05.04.12 Cardboard plays at Covington Middle School – Austin, TX

05.01.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into Fright Night Film Festival in Kentucky.

05.01.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into Killuride Film Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC

05.01.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into Crypticon Film Festival, Seattle, WA.

04.30.12 Cardboard plays in a fund raiser for The Home Van Pet Care Project. The Anniversary Documentary Screenings will be at the Civic Media Center Gainsville, FL.

04.30.12 Cardboard plays at Bayside High School - Flushing, NY

04.27.12 Cardboard plays at Rota Junior High School - Rota, MP (Canada).

04.25.12 Cardboard plays at Valley Forge High School - Parma Heights, OH

04.22.12 Sybling Rivalry plays in Virginia Beach, VA at Blood on the Beach Horror Film Festival.

04.20.12 Cardboard plays at Magnolia Science Academy - Reseda, CA

04.20.12 Cardboard plays at Robert F. Kennedy Community High School - NY

04.20.12 Cardboard plays at Poland Central School - Poland, NY

04.20.12 Cardboard plays at St. George's School of Montreal - Montreal, QC (Canada)

04.15.12 Cardboard plays at MCCS Miramar Youth & Teen Center - San Diego, CA

04.14.12 Hollywood Jesus does a review of Cardboard.

04.13.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into Blood on the Beach Horror Film Festival in Virginia.

04.12.12 Cardboard plays at Venture Academy - Stockton, CA

04.10.12 Cardboard announced as the WINNER for Best Young Filmmaker at Cinema Verde Film Festival, FL.

04.04.12 Cardboard plays at Jefferson School - Tracy, CA

04.04.12 Cardboard plays at Hinsdale Central High School - Hinsdale, IL

04.01.12 Cardboard plays The Phoenix Film Festival, Arizona.

03.31.12 Sybling Rivalry plays The Brooklyn Girl Film Festival, New York.

03.26.12 Cardboard is accepted into Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival.

03.24.12 Sybling Rivalry plays The Mad Monster Party Film Festival in Charlotte, NC.

03.21.12 Cardboard is accepted into The Teen Truth Film Festival, California.

03.20.12 Tara-Nicole & Sybling Rivalry mentioned in press release, in Creative Loafing, about The Mad Monster Party Festival.

03.15.12 ROTFL gets an IMDb page.

03.11.12 Tara-Nicole's interview in Hollywood Jesus is published. She is interviewed on her motivation to write & film My Name Is Anna, which is about eating disorders.

03.06.12 ROTFL premiers at The Inspire Charlotte Film Contest.

03.03.12 Sybling Rivalry plays StellarCon, High Point, NC.

03.01.12 Article about Cardboard is featured in Dalliance Films Newsletter.

02.29.12 Tara-Nicole WINS Rising Young Filmmaker for Cardboard, at the SEIIF Awards, CA.

02.26.12 Sybling Rivalry plays Jennifer's Bodies Film Festival in Scotland, UK. (Europe)

02.26.12 ROTFL trailer finished.

02.24.12 Article about Cardboard in The Independent Alligator Newspaper in FL, regarding Cardboard playing opening night of Cinema Verde.

02.22.12 ROTFL poster launched.

02.15.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into Stellarcon Film Festival (NC).

02.08.12 Cardboard is accepted into Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival (FL).

02.07.12 Cardboard has it's premiere showing in Charlotte, NC.

02.01.12 First day of filming on ROTFL.

02.01.12 My Name Is Anna is accepted into POW Fest in OR.

01.29.12 Sybling Rivalry was accepted into the female filmmakers festival: BROOKLYN GIRLS in NY. Nominated for Best Short Film.

01.27.12 Article of interview of Tara-Nicole by the Jennifer's Bodies Women in Horror Month Festival, was released today.

01.27.12 Newspaper article interview of Tara-Nicole is released in California. Tara was interviewed at the Team True Beauty event in Hollywood.

01.20.12 Cardboard is accepted into the Phoenix, AZ Film Festival.

01.09.12 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into the all female filmmakers film festival: Jennifer's Bodies in Scotland.

01.07.12 Tara-Nicole attends the Team True Beauty Hollywood CA fundraiser to raise money for charities which support programs for treating eating disorders. Front Porch films donated 10 DVDs of My Name Is Anna for the raffle

12.28.11 Cardboard is Nominated for Rising Filmmaker Award (Tara-Nicole Azarian) at the Stauros Entertainment Inspirational Independent Film Awards

12.08.11 Sybling Rivalry WINS Best Young Director / Honorable Mention (Tara-Nicole Azarian) at the BAFF in CA

11.26.11 Sybling Rivalry is accepted into the Best Actors in a Film Festival in CA.

11.12.11 My Name is Anna plays The Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC.

10.30.11 My Name Is Anna plays the OFFSHOOT film festival in Arkansas.

*UPDATE* MNIA WINS Best Low Tech film!

10.26 - 11.04.11 My Name Is Anna plays at the SOAPIFF Film Festival in Tennessee. It qualified in an adult division (Women's Issues).

10.15.11 Sybling Rivalry shows at the Electric City Film Festival in Anderson, SC.


Tara-Nicole wins Best Director for Sybling Rivalry

10.14.11 My Name Is Anna is announced as an official selection for the OFFSHOOT Film Festival in Arkansas.

10.13.11 MY NAME IS ANNA is an official selection for the 17th annual Cucalorus Film Festival as part of the "Mollypettit Shorts" block of films made for kids and by kids.

10.12.11 Cardboard gets an IMDb page.

10.10.11 Sybling Rivalry shows at the CFC Film Contest Awards Gala, Charlotte, NC.


Carrie Marshall (Sybling Rivalry Actress) wins Best Supporting Actress.

10.07.11 Sybling Rivalry shows at the Dark Light Horror Film Festival, Charlotte, NC.

Tara-Nicole is the Youngest Filmmaker ever accepted & shown at the festival.

10.01.11 My Name Is...Anna, Wins Student Film Certificate of Excellence at SkyFest VI

09.21.11 Cardboard Trailer released.

09.17-18.11 Christian, Family film Cardboard shoots principal photography.

09.15.11 Sybling Rivalry accepted into the Dark Light Film Festival.

08.27.11 Sybling Rivalry gets an IMDb Page.

08.18.11 Sybling Rivalry Poster is complete.

08.14.11 My Name is Anna is nominated for Best Film Award, Best Director Award & Best Actress Award

(Tara-Nicole Azarian) at the Silent River Film Festival 2011.

08.06.11 Principal photography shot on Sybling Rivalry.

08.01.11 Tara-Nicole Azarian & My Name Is Anna featured in Charlotte Observer.

07.23.11 My Name is Anna is accepted into the 2011 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.

07.11.11 Tara-Nicole Azarian makes the front page of the Times Bulletin in Ohio, for winning Best Student Film at the VWIFF with My Name Is Anna.

07.09.11 Tara-Nicole Azarian makes the front page of the Times Bulletin in Ohio. Photo of Tara introducing her film, My Name Is Anna, at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival.

07.08.11 My Name Is Anna plays the Van Wert Independent Film Festival.

07.02.11 MY NAME IS ANNA is selected for the Silent River Film Festival in Irvine, CA.

06.09.11 My Name Is Anna is accepted into the Van Wert Independent Film Festival, OH.

05.19.11 My Name Is Anna wins a Finalist Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival.

05.01.11 Tara-Nicole Azarian is honored as a young actor at the C.A.R.E. awards in Hollywood, CA.

04.30.11 My Name is Anna Plays the Lovett Film Festival, Atlanta, GA.

04.01.11 My Name is Anna is selected for screening at the da Vinci Film Festival, OR.

02.26.11 My Name Is Anna plays the Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago, IL.

Tara-Nicole is the youngest filmmaker ever accepted & shown in the festival.

02.01.11 My Name Is Anna appears in the Dalliance Films Newsletter.

01.04.11 My Name is Anna is chosen as an Official Student Selection of the 2011 POEFF, Chicago, IL.

01.01.11 My Name Is Anna appears in Creative Loafing .

12.21.10 Tara-Nicole is interview on SCREEN TIME & My Name Is Anna is shown on channel 21.

11.04.10 My Name Is Anna premiers at the CFC Film Contest, NC.

10.07.10 My Name Is Anna gets an IMDb page.

09.17-24.10 My Name Is Anna is written & filmed entirely by Middle School students.

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